Making Friends

Automatic Choice Europe (Netherlands) is proud to announce a new friendship: The Dutch Red Cross

We are part of the world, which makes us responsible to do our part in taking care of the world. Next to being there for all humans in need, the Red Cross is now also focussing on pro-active support. Don't wait till natural disasters or diseases are happening but taking the extra mile to help prepare to diminish the hurt and damage.
You invest upfront instead of reacting afterwards. This is a spirit we can relate to, in a long term relation and vision. 

By becoming a friend of the Red Cross, you can support long term projects on preparation for disasters and prevention. This will diminish the impact when a (natural) disaster takes place. 
People are becoming less vulnarable, there is a plan to follow and data is used to steer actions. 

One of the new peers is the 510 Data Initiave: this a group of mostly volunteers, that are a professional in data & digital. Their expertise is used to make better use of data to make predictions on impacts and disasters. Next to this they help develop new products for all phases of a disaster. 

Getting enthused as well? Join this friendship today :) 
Read all about it: 
Dutch Friends of the Red Cross