How did you rate us this year?

Asking someone to give you a rating, is always a bit scary. Still this is what we have done for our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

And here are the results for Automatic Choice Europe and Bulgaria: 

Overall report mark : 8.8 

wow... this left us speechless for some time to be honest
We always try to do our best, but seeiing the efforts of our team rewarded like this, is great. 

Next to a general mark, we also asked you to rate some specifics topics:


Overall you note a friendly and helpful service, but sometimes warranties take a bit too long. During the year this has improved, as last year we received a 4.5


You find the website easy to use and search, but would like to search on OE numbers and have more information on parts. The rating for the website has increased the most of all, since last year was a 4.1. 


According to you, most of the parts are usually in stock, but for specific parts the availability has diminished and delivery times on backorders have increased. 
Like many other industries in these strange times, our suppliers are also experiencing delivery problems, nonetheless we have to shift up to the next gear to help you help your customers. 

Quality of the parts:

Overall you state that you are satisfied with the quality of the parts, not many extra remarks have been made. 


We made a big compliment to our warehouse guys for this high score. Naturally there is always something to improve, such as packing steel kits more sturdy to prevent damage to other parts and keep an eye on our use of plastic. 

What is most important?

We asked you to rank what is most important for a part: the availability, the quality or price of a part. And that is the exact order you gave. This varies from last year, when the quality of the parts was rated higher than availability. Both years price is considered the least important of all three. 

Why do you choose for Automatic Choice?

Here we provided several options for you. Our online Catalogue has been chosen as a main reason, followed by the Personal contact and Quik delivery. 

Compared to last year, a slight change has been made. Quick Delivery was then positioned number 1, closely followed by our Online Catalogue. 



We were so happy to see that  many of you took the time to write down improvements, feedback and ideas to help us. Some related to the website, like add OE numbers to the search, show invoices and add more information to make it easier to choose the right part, or search on VIN. 
Others are price- related, which we will investigate naturally.  We do not want to be a price fighter, but price should be in range with the offered quality for you. 
The most was mentioned on availability and the delivery times of parts, with exact examples such as bearing kits, manual parts and snap rings 
These are matters we will discuss and decide how to improve on the coming months.

Thank you!

Leaves us by saying a big Thank You! Thank you for taking the time in these busy days to answer our questions. And not only to simply answer them but to also add a feedback note to it. 
We have shared the results with our entire team, and are looking forward to work on your suggestions!