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Differential Parts

Did you know we can also supply you a growing range of differential parts?


At the moment we have a solid start-up range available for you, but naturally we are expanding this program on regular base. 
If you are interested, just enter 'Differential' in our catalogue page and you will see all the types listed. 

To give you an example, please find below the list of Differential Kits for BMW. 


HAG168L 168L / 168LW Rear Axle Differential  ( 7-Bolts cover ) (E87/E90
W-HAG188.BSK01 HAG188 188 Rear Axle Differential
W-HAG188L.BSK01 HAG188L 188L / 188LW / 205AL Rear Axle Differential  ( 8-Bolts cover ) (E60/E90)
W-HAG188K.BSK01 HAG188K 188K Rear Axle Differential for 6-cilinder (E53/E60/E90)
W-HAG210.BSK01 HAG210 210 Rear Axle Differential
W-HAG210L.BSK01 HAG210L 210L Rear Axle Differential
W-HAG215K.BSK01 HAG215K 215K Rear Axle Differential
W-VAG174.BSK01 VAG174 BMW Front Axle Differential 73.4mm driveshaft bearing
W-VAG174.BSK02 VAG174 BMW Front Axle Differential 78mm driveshaft bearing

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Keep an eye on our catalogue for new parts!



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