Frequently Asked Questions


How can I become a customer?

First of all, we need to tell you, we only supply to professional rebuilders. If you are a private person, we can help you to get in touch with a rebuilder in your area.
If you are a rebuilder: welcome at Automatic Choice! To get to know you a little bit better, we kindly ask you to fill in this form. Our Sales Team will contact you shortly for an official welcome.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

How can I get access to prices and stock?

If you are listed as a customer at Automatic Choice, we provide you a personal login. With this login you will get access to your customer area.
In this customer access you will find:

Getting enthusiastic as well? Don’t delay and register as a new customer today.
Are you already an AC customer? Contact us to obtain your login.
We love to meet you in our shop!

Ordering online, nice! But how does it work?

You need to be registered at Automatic Choice to be able to shop online. 

Just received your login?
Great! Let’s get started. On our homepage you will find multiple search options to get to the parts you need. 

Already know which transmission you are looking for, simply enter this in the search field. 
This will lead you to our catalogue pages, where you can either search the part on the drawing or go to the Products Section. Here the parts are listed per Product Group. 
Just click on the part to open the details of the part. 

If you know our part number, the Quick Order is your friend. You can find the Quick Order Button bottom right in your screen. You can enter (part of )  the AC number here and add it to the basket if needed. 
If you have a longer list of AC part numbers you want to order, the import tool can save you more time. Please read more about it below. 

We will always manually check your order for you. 
And if you order before 15.00 (local time) your parts can leave the same day.

Sound easy?  It is!
And if you have any questions, please contact us. It is our pleasure to help you!

I only have an (OE) reference, how can I find the part I need?

That is an easy one: simply fill in the (OE) reference in the Search. Provided we have this reference in our system, it will lead you to the connecting AC part. If it does not give any result, please feel free to ask our sales team. They love to help you and find the correct part. 

I would like to upload my (large)  order, can I?

Yes you can! With our Import Tool you can upload your order lines straight into your shopping basket. The Import Tool is only available when you are logged in. 
Click on your name on the top right and choose Order Import. 
Here you can upload your Excel or CSV file into your shopping basket. Please note: the first column needs to contain valid AC part numbers and the second column the requested quantity (so 10 and not 10x) 


The item I need, does not have a number on your drawing, can I order it?

If an item on the drawing does not have a number, it could mean we do not have it in our regular program. 
Don’t worry, naturally it does not end here. In many cases we are able to source the requested part for you.
So please always give us a call or send us the drawing and we will do our outmost best to help you.


Which Shipping Methods do you offer?

For customers of Automatic Choice Europe and Bulgaria:
Our regular daily freight agents are UPS and TNT, for both we offer the Standard and Express shipping. 
For UPS, COD shipments are an option, same as Saturday Delivery (pending on your location) 
If needed you can also pick up your order, either by using your own freight agent or by yourself. We kindly ask you  to follow our COVID-precautions when entering our premises. 



My converter needs to be repaired and picked up

It will be our pleasure to have your converter repaired for you. Our repair process is known to be precise and thorough. In some cases the repair specialists can modify your converter for even better performance.To ensure a smooth and quick repair we kindly ask you to fill in our repair form. It helps us to make sure all goes well in scheduling. In this form you can also easily arrange a pick up for your converter.

What is a core charge?

For some items, such as converters, mechatronics, transfer cases, we will charge you a core charge. This core charge is set by the supplier of the part.
To be able to sell you this part, we need to have your old core back. If you return your old core to us, we will credit you the core amount if the core is in acceptable condition.
By returning the old core to us, you will get a refund but you also help to guarantee a future supply. One action multiplied into 2 profits!
Arranging pick up for your cores is no problem.

I want to return old cores to you

Let us start by saying: You are our personal hero! Not only will you receive a refund on your core charge but you have also supported future supply of parts. Bravo!

Now how to get the cores from you to us? It is easy, just fill in this core return form and we will arrange the pick-up. Once the core has arrived, we will examine and check the condition. If all is approved, we will issue you a credit for the core charge. 

We are always on the lookout for more cores. Do you have a pile of cores and you are wondering what to do with it? Call us, perhaps we can work out a nice deal for you.

Special Note for Transfer Case Cores: 
Transfer Case Units need to be returned complete. Core value of disassembled units will be reduced by 20%.
Reduction of core value on missing parts: 
- Actuator motor/ ECU - 20% reduction
- Flange - 10% reduction
- Housing - 20% reduction
- Input Shaft 10% reduction


I want to return a part to you

Supplying you with quality parts is embedded in our DNA, which we do not take likely. However should the ordered part not meet up your expectations, please fill in the Article Return Form as complete as possible to ensure a quick handling of your request. PLEASE NOTE: we do not take back electronical components, nor will we accept parts that are not in our regular program, which we have specially ordered for you. 


I have a Warranty Issue

First of all, sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your transmission. Please fill in our Warranty Request Form as thorough as possible, including fault codes and exact description of the failures. Our Support Team will carefully examine your request and will contact you directly to discuss the following steps together. 

How can I change my contact and payment details?

For customers of Automatic Choice Ltd- United Kingdom: 
Please contact us via or +44 (0)1761 452255.

For customers of Automatic Choice Europe - The Netherlands:
You can contact our administration or +31 (0)318 241016. If you want to change your payment method to SEPA, we kindly ask you to fill in the SEPA form.

For customers of Automatic Choice OOD - Bulgaria: 
Please contact us via or +359 (0) 28164343. 

I have received a credit note, will you transfer the amount?

Yes, whenever we issue a credit note, we preferably transfer the credit amount to your account. Of course we do need to have your bank details. Due to our administration system it is not possible to settle the credit with outstanding invoices.

My question isn't listed here, what to do?

Don't worry we are here for you. Please call us or send us an email and we will do our best to give you a satisfying answer. 

Region AC email phone
United Kingdom Automatic Choice ltd 0044 (0)1761 452255
Western Europe Automatic Choice Europe 0031 (0)318 590591
Spain Automatic Choice sl 0034 (0)952577289
Eastern Europe Automatic Choice OOD 00359 (0)28164343