Choice Tech 2018

On Saturday 15th of September a large group of enthusiastic rebuilders got out of bed early to attend our Choice Tech Seminar in Frankfurt (DE).

After a warm welcome all listened attentively to Wayne Colonna of ATSG who gave tips on the 62TE Transmission, the AW 8 Speed (U880F/ AF50-8) and the CVT 7. Almost needless to say that Wayne did an excellent job of guiding the audience through these transmissions. His enthusiasm on transmissions and problem solving is a joy to listen to. 
The afternoon was reserved for another ATSG speaker, Michel Schmets. He introduced the audience into the sometimes difficult world of scopes. His main goal was to raise awareness of understanding the entire car, instead of solely looking at the transmission. What happens in the engine can for sure have an effect on your automatic transmission. To explain this he had built an interactive board to reproduce some common scope results and how to deal with this. 

It was the first time for Michel to speak in front of such a large audience, a job well done! It convinced some of our delegates to start thinking of buying a scope to bring the workshop to a next level. 

A first timer for one speaker, yet a last timer for the other. Sadly for us, it was for now the last Seminar we could have the honour of listening to Wayne. A big heartfelt applaud from the audience out to the man who has enlighten so many in the industry for so many years. 
The drinks afterwards gave all the opportunity to thank Wayne and to have one more talk with him on transmissions. 

We can look back on another successful seminar as 95% rated our seminar good/ very good! A result to be very proud of. 
We would like to take this opportunaty to say a humble thank you to all who came to our seminar and to our two great guest speakers!

Looking forward to see you next year at ReMaTec!!