Saying goodbye and saying hello

Handing over the baton in Corona Times. That is what our colleagues Jan Bleijenberg and Eric Grakist managed to do perfectly these past weeks. 

Retirement Jan Bleijenberg

For over 13 years we have been enjoying the expertise, personality and humor of our colleague Jan Bleijenberg. With nearly 50 years of experience in the transmission industry Jan has been a highly appreciated supporting member of our team. 
He started his AC-life in Sales, but soon became our expert in identifying and locating the John-Doe' parts in a transmission. This resulted in a transfer to the purchase department, where he translated our customers' requests into actual parts from our suppliers. Both suppliers and colleagues were comfortably guided by Jan's structured way of working. 
Now time has come to retire and enjoy other things in life. 

New colleague Eric Grakist

It would not surprise you we were challenged to find a suitable successor for Jan. His knowledge of the transmission world is one that is not easy to replace. You can imagine our smile when the path of Eric Grakist crossed ours. Eric worked several years as a mechanic for one of our customers. This shop was downsizing, and well, long story short: this was meant to be. His hands on mentality and expertise are an asset naturally, but also his character fits the AC-bunch nicely. 

All was planned for an organized and careful training period, when Corona hit the van. Luckily both men stood their ground and managed to work together even though apart. Jan did a great job and perfectly introduced Eric in our part of the world. 

25th of May,  Jan Bleijenberg will start enjoying a new well-deserved episode of his life. We thank him for his support, great work and him being our 'Jan for so many years. If you like, you can leave him a personal note, he will appreciate this!