This left us speechless

Our customers of Automatich Choice Europe and Bulgaria were invited to participate the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. Naturally we like to share the results with you. 

Speechless and Thankful

If you know us, you know the Automatic Choicers are rarely lost for words, but the results on this years survey left us rather speechless. Overall our customers gave us a stunning 9.0 out of 10. Last year was already amazing, by receiving a 8.8.  A review we didnt thought could be surpassed. We are very proud and thankful to receive such a wonderful token of appreciation. This grade is accompanied by comments on our friendly service and fast delivery.  

Results on 5 pillars 

Next to a general grade we also asked our customers to rate us on specific area's. 


An improvement on last year when we received a 4.7. Customers find us friendly, quick in our reply and ready to help. Sometimes there are some communication difficulties in language


Rated last year as 4.4, it has improved in a years time. In general participants state the site to be easy to use, attractive and simple to find parts. Good suggestions were made on expanding search options. The need for more information on parts such as photos and parts info, is one that is high on our daily to-do's.  Our colleague Kevin has made it his personal challenge to add as much info as he can on parts. 

Availability of parts

The availabilty of parts is a trying one, unfortunately a significant share is out of our span of control due to the current economic situation in the world. Nevertheless we continue to critically review and improve our purchase processes. 

Quality of parts

Last year a 4.5, this year a slight increase. Overall quality is rated as good, without issues and good brands. Sometimes parts have defects, which always needs our attention. 


 Packaging has improved also, from a 4.6 last year. 'They pack it like there is gold inside, that gives our company a satisfying sense' is one comment that made us smile. Packaging is said to be careful and well packed. The sidenote is that sometimes its too well packed with too much plastic and during transport packages are damaged by freight agents. 

Overall overwhelming numbers for us and we are very proud of our team that goes the extra mile every day to make sure orders arrive promptly and correct to our customers. 

We also asked our customers why they choose for Automatic Choice, the top 3 is the same as last year: 
1.  Quick Delivery
2. Online Catalogue
3. Personal Contact

We like to say an enormous thank you the participants for taking the time to fill in our survey. Not only by rating us but moreover by also sharing suggestions.
We like to improve and therefor any remark is more than welcome. 

For the coming time we will focus on:
- Search on dimensions in website
- Search on parts for several transmissions in website
- Improved overview on outstanding payments
- prices for specific parts. 

Among the participants we raffled 5 winners, which we like to congratulate: your AC Hoody is on its way to you!