Time for a new habit

Let's face it.. everyone loves habits. 

We at Automatic Choice are no different.
We love our habit of sending 'Christmas cookies' and easter treats to you as much as our habit of eating our fair share every year ;)
We are serious on our habit to go the extra mile for any order. We are fond of our habit to find any excuse for a celebration, especially when it involves food and drinks

But sometimes it is good to change an old habit into something new.

Like our logo: it has been with us for over 20 years, but we felt it would appreciate a fresh new look.
Everyone can use a make-over every now and then, right? With the changing world and our markets, now felt like the proper time to give some new spice to Automatic Choice. 

That is why we proudly present to you today our new logo and new looks!


We are pretty darn proud of our new outfits, colours and a logo, that respects the past and welcomes the future. We do hope you are as enthusiastic as we are.
For us it triggers one of our other favourite habits... a SMILE,
after all: 

Your Smile is our favourite part !


What will this mean for you?
Well nothing much, our service and ordering will remain the same naturally! 
Today is the first coming out of our new logo, over the weeks we will gradually change all outings.
We are planning some nice new features, so keep an eye out!