Where have you been all my life

.. is one of the most commonly heard feedback from customers using the ATR Remote Tool for the first time.
Or at least something similar of less dramatic ones.


The beauty of this device that it does not come alone... it is accompanied by the well experienced diagnose team of ATR. Ready and eager to handle your case. 
It works quite easily. You can create a ticket to alert the diagnose team. After the intake, the specialists will start the process of remote access followed by online coding and programming to help solve problems in the gearbox. 

So basically the ATR REMOTE is your transmission diagnostic specialist on demand!

The sturdy box includes: 
- Remote Device
- UTP Cable
- Extender for UTP Cable

Join the growing group of ATR REMOTE TOOL fans and experience convenience yourself! 

**Note: The diagnostic service is provided by ATR Transmissions and not by Automatic Choice